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Pounds to Pocket

Pounds To Pocket

Pounds to Pocket is another stakeholder in the short-term loans industry. Pounds to Pocket is used officially by ENVUK1 Ltd and CashEuroNetUK LLC for lending short and long-term loans to people who urgently need money to sort out some financial obligations.

What do you get from Pounds to Pocket?

As a reputable online loan lending company, Pounds to Pocket promises to give its customers the best services. The customers are offered these benefits:

  • Easy application: Applying for a loan is easy and straight forward. All you need is log on to their official website and fill out the loan application form. With a few clicks of buttons, your application should be ready for submission.
  • Loan amount: According to their website, you can borrow up to £2,000 from Pounds to Pocket. If you don’t need that much, the company has different loan amounts from £200 to £2,000. You can choose the loan plan that suits your need.
  • Flexible payment plans: Pounds to Pocket gives you two payment options: 6 months and 12 months payment options. You can choose either of these payment options according to your loan amount and other factors.
  • Direct payment to your bank account: You don’t need to visit their office to receive payment. After the approval of your loan application, the money will be deposited directly into your account in less than 15 minutes.
  • No hidden charges: Pound to Pocket assures its customers of transparent transaction that involves no hidden charges. According to the company, you will be intimated with the total amount you are expected to pay on monthly based on the loan amount and duration of payment. You can even calculate what your payment over time will be by using their online repayment calculator. Just input your loan amount, interest rate, duration of payment, and other required information to know what your monthly payment is.

How to apply for a loan

Applying for a loan here doesn’t require too much effort. From their page, use their repayment calculator to specify the loan amount you prefer. Then input the repayment amount that will make repayment easy for you. You can then submit the form after supplying all the necessary information.

Pounds to Pocket may contact you through one of their representatives if there is any need for the company to manually go through your application. This is the last stage of the verification process. If your application is approved and your bank allows fast payment, your loan will be available to you within 10 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

The loan company makes it easy for potential customers to know more about them. Some of the questions answered are:

  • What do I need to know before I apply?
  • How much can I borrow?
  • What will my installment payments be?
  • How do I make my repayments?
  • Can I change my installment payments or pay off my loan early?
  • Are there any hidden charges?

The answers to these questions are designed to help customers know them better.

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