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Response Funding

If you are looking for a payday lender that will give you an option to pay back, not within one month but in three months, then Response Funding is what you have been looking for. Traditionally, payday loans are required to be paid back by the next payday (typically one month after, hence the name) but Response Funding however does not offer that traditional 1 month payday loan option, but gives borrowers the option to pay back within three months.

Here’s why this is such a great idea:

The reason why some people are afraid of taking out payday loans is because they are scared of getting trapped in a cycle of debt. Even though if they manage their finances well, and ensure their repayments are always on time this will not happen, some people still face this as a challenge. Therefore, if one month is too short to pay back a payday loan, Response Funding gives you the option to pay it back within three months. Of course, if you want to pay back the loan before three months, you can also do so, without paying any extra fees or suffering any penalties.

Maximum limits

While the usual maximum limit for borrowing is £500, for first time borrowers, it is limited to £200. This is to allow the borrowers an opportunity to show their competence and ability to sustain and repay a larger loan.


Response Funding offers payday loans with a representative APR of 1304.41%


When you apply for a loan with Response Funding, you can be assured that if you meet with the requirements, you will be awarded your loan and have the money transferred to you shortly. The only caveat Response Funding holds is that every borrower must ensure that they pay up by the date agreed upon.

Requirements for taking a Response funding loan

  • The borrower must be up to 18 years of age
  • The borrower must be a resident of the UK
  • The borrower must have a permanent job, or at least a pension or disability income which would cover the cost of the amount they are borrowing
  • The borrower must have a registered bank account

Why you should let broker for you

At, we are concerned about our clients and we go the extra mile to ensure they get the very best payday loan they can afford to repay. Asides from Response Funding, we have access to a number of other payday lenders, and we can always find the perfect payday loan option for you. By filling out our form, you give us an insight into understanding exactly what your needs are and so we can find the perfect loan that can meet that need. We do not require too many documents from you, neither do we run a credit check on you. All you need to do is fill our online form and leave the rest to us.

Waiting after a loan application can be stressful, you never know if you have been approved or if you will be approved. At, we eliminate that stress for you. When you apply with us, you are assured of getting that payday loan.

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