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1-Year Loans: A Breakdown

No matter how much an individual prepares or saves, we all experience times where we need quick cash. These occurrences bear no reflection on your employment record, credit-rating score, or bank balance, and can happen to anyone at any given moment. So what do you do if you find yourself with an emergency bill, an appliance has broken, or your vehicle has broke-down, but you have no savings to fall back on — or simply not enough savings.

Need emergency cash but are unsure when or how you can pay back the loan? By taking a 1-year loan, you will have 52 full weeks to read instalments. Dividing total payments over 6-12 months means you can pay off the loan quickly but in smaller payments, leaving a life that’s a little stress-free.

Purpose of Loans

There is a multitude of things that a loan can be used to do. From emergency funding to home improvement or renovation projects, extra cash in your account today means you have the freedom to splurge. As soon as the money is received, it is completely up to the borrower to use the funds how they see fit.

Something to consider is ensuring the loan you take has intention. Having an intended purpose for a loan, alongside a plan to repay, negates any unnecessary splurging of cash and instead keeps you focused. Executing a repayment plan and fulfilling the debt in time, can leave a positive score on your overall credit rating. This may be the stepping stone you need to start developing your credit card score which will open up more opportunities for you in the future.

Benefits of 1-Year Loans

We do not need to know the specifics we just ask you provide details which are factual and clear. Our free, online application is straightforward to use and accessible on any computer, phone or tablet. The information you give us will help us determine the perfect lender for you to meet all of your criteria.

A fundamental benefit of a 1-year loan is that you are capable of spreading the cost limit amount per month over a twelve-month time span. Already pre-agreed, you understand the time you have to repay, and this allows you time to regroup payments.

A 1-year loan is an incredible opportunity to boost your current credit score. Demonstrating to future-potential banks or lender’s that you can engage in a financial agreement and repay in full on time. This testifies’s to your recognition that you can commit to your word, and repay in a timely fashion.

Applying for 1-Year Loans

In need of cash? Need to repair a vehicle, pay a large utility bill, or fancy sprucing up your home? If you are interested, you can receive cash today and repay over a 1 year term. Our online application is 100% free to use and submitting does not impact your current credit rating.

CreditPoor does not charge any fees. If you are contacted by anyone saying they are calling from CreditPoor requesting you make them a payment you should contact the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as we are aware that there is currently a scam using the CreditPoor brand. This has nothing to do with our company.