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247 Moneybox

247moneybox is a loan lending company that is based in the United Kingdom. It is officially based in central London to provide the needed financial assistance to people who need some extra cash to attend a couple of emergency financial needs.

The company has the goal of making loan taking to be extremely simple, convenient, and flexible so that borrowers can easily solve their short-term financial needs.

While some traditional lenders have lending plans and processes that are less than ideal, 237Moneybox offers a loan process that is transparent and devoid of any confusing ambiguity. The company is out to provide short-term loans for people with a repayment plan that will make repayment very easy for the borrowers.

Why do you need to borrow from 247Moneybox?

Some people are scared of taking loans from some lenders because of the big question mark over their eligibility to practice and their credibility, a measure of their trustworthiness. It is good to know that 247Moneybox does not belong to this group of sham lenders. The loan lending company combines professionalism with creditability.

The company’s credibility is supported by these:

  • It is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. The company is also regulated by the same body.
  • 247Moneybox is also registered with another regulatory body, the Information Commissioner’s Office.
  • The company is a member of the BCCA with membership number 4566.
  • Companies House in England and Wales registered the company as member Z9339538

The facts above support the claims of the company to be credible and qualified to operate.

To make sure the process is transparent enough without any room for fraudulent practices, a prospective borrower is expected to provide information about his credit, ID, income, and employment status. This information will be checked for authenticity before an applicant is considered qualified to take the loan.

Lending principles

The company also has some guiding principles that are usually called into action whenever they are dealing with a borrower. Some of their lending principles are:

  • Transparency: You will be presented with their terms and conditions before you will enter an agreement with them. This will not put you in the dark about the step you want to take.
  • No hidden charges: There aren’t any hidden charges apart from the normal charges on your loan. The only condition a borrower may have to face the unpleasant experience of an extra payment is if he defaults in his or her repayment.
  • Good staff: There is a well-trained staff that is ready to intimate you with anything you want to know before committing yourself to the loan. If you have questions, the company has a professional Customer Support service to attend to your needs promptly.

All these principles are put in place to promote transparency in their dealings, a necessity to put the minds of prospective borrowers at ease.

If you are struggling with a financial need, 247Moneybox is on hand to give you a shoulder to lean on. That may be the perfect solution to your financial needs.

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