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Choose Wisely

Choose Wisely was founded by Tara Mussel and Marc Biles to offer people the platform to compare their options when they are faced with the herculean responsibility of making a choice out of the different options they have.

According to the founders, the objective is to simplify comparison so that people can make their choice easily and concentrate on the most important thing, their business. Therefore, you can use this price comparison website to compare the prices for a wide range of products quickly without spending too much. The challenges of spending too much time and resources looking for the best product will be taken off your shoulders. This will give you the opportunity to compare prices and other attributes which will lead to a better decision making.

What they offer

  • Unbiased assessment

According to their official website, the company claims to give an accurate review and comparison of any company not minding what the company offers as a compensation for the review.  They provide accurate facts and information that give the users of their website access to the right information that is not based on sentiment.

  • Simplicity of expression

You don’t need to be an expert to make use of their review. The reviews are done with simple expressions that are very easy for anybody to read and understand. Use simple expressions makes it easy for people to make decisions that are based on good information and understanding. To this end, the language used is transparent, clear, and plain.

  • Free to use

In order to make their services to people from all walks of life, Choose Wisely charges no fee for using their services. This automatically removes any restrictions that charging a fee might place on people who may want to use their services.

  • No beating around the bush

This is another plus for the users of this website. The management is not interested in wasting your time. You are in need of the right information to make a vital decision. That is why Choose Wisely has the custom of making the information available without wasting your time on frivolities.

How do they make money?

Choose Wisely does not charge any company for their review and comparison. However, they collect commissions from companies who want to give them as a sign of appreciation for their trustworthy reviews. Some companies also pay them if someone buys any of their products via Choose Wisely. Others may decide not to pay them anything because they are not under any obligation to do so. Does this affect their review? No. To maintain a high standard of operation, the company bases their reviews as it is by not allowing external factors to influence or colour their judgment.


Choose Wisely is a reputable online comparison company. The company has an amazing track record that has endeared them to top-notch companies like:




First direct


Lloyds Bank

118118 Money

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)



M&S Bank

Tesco Loans

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