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£100 Loans

Occasionally, we each find ourselves in financial adversity, where an unexpected bill or a broken-down vehicle leaves us stressed. Not having direct funds to solve the issue means individuals often make hasty decisions potentially further ruining their existing credit rating.

A vast majority of the UK have a less-than-perfect credit score, and this has caused more demand for short-term, smaller amount, cash loans to sustain between paycheques.

Short-term £100 Loans

No matter how much you plan your finances, life can throw a curveball at any given moment. Whatever the financial emergency is that you experience, it ultimately brings a lot of stress and hardship. Majority of individuals who experience this turn to the traditional method of borrowing money. However, not all lenders serve your best interest, nor are they FCA-licensed.

Fortunately, BadCreditSite is registered with the FCA and work towards meeting the client’s concerns. Rest assured your information and security will be protected. We believe in traditional values and base our acceptance-rates on trust in our clients. Regardless of mistakes, you have made before we can provide £100 loans directly to your bank account the same day.


An unanticipated bill or your vehicle break-down can happen at any moment. Despite critical financial planning, unforeseen events can lead to colossal stress, panic and worry.


Short-term £100 loans are beneficial for a multitude of reasons; business-wise, personally, educationally or socially. Nonetheless, applicants for £100 loans tend to need the capital to for unexpected appliance breaks, vehicle break-downs or a higher than an anticipated bill. Having faith in knowing you can receive funds urgently, while not owning a ludicrous high-interest rate.

Helping you find a £100 loan today…

A lot of lenders online promote that they provide adequate interest rates, as the traditional lenders (banks, etc.) either reject entirely individuals who do not meet their precedent or charge extravagant charges and hidden fees. However, we are upfront in assuring our interest rate is 305.9% and guarantee no hidden costs.

Experiencing financial difficulty is never easy. Borrow £100 and receive the same day, directly to your account.

We understand you may require a smaller amount compared to what traditional loan agencies offer. This is why we welcome you to submit our free, 2-minute application online. Completing the form will leave no mark on your current or future rating, you will also be able to view the market and from a panel of lenders for the optimal loan for your situation.

CreditPoor does not charge any fees. If you are contacted by anyone saying they are calling from CreditPoor requesting you make them a payment you should contact the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as we are aware that there is currently a scam using the CreditPoor brand. This has nothing to do with our company.