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Home is where the heart is. It is also where we recoup after a week’s shift with our nearest and dearest. Making a home look and feel how we want is a top priority and there are several ways to invest in your homes comfort, design and value. Over 42% of homeowners in the UK have used home improvement loans for new kitchens, and that number continues to grow.

There is no reason to move houses to own the home of your dreams.

The reason for this is the majority of us have home improvement projects we would dream to undertake. However, improvements require momentous financial expenditure. If there are any projects you are eager to start, bring your home improvements to life by selecting a loan today. Making a property a better place for you and your family brings satisfaction and also can increase property values simultaneously.

Purpose of Home Improvement Loans

A home improvement loan is devised to help you achieve more from your property. Whether it be to turn your attic into an office, build an extension, or upgrade your kitchen, this loan may help succeed your wishes. Most home-owners in the UK do not have the cash to spare and seldom require to spend a significant amount of money to spruce up their home.

Several website lenders compared figures in 2016 regarding the use of their loans and found that 83% were used for home improvements. This can be the perfect solution for adding a conservatory, upgrading decorations, converting garages or outside builds such as sheds, greenhouses, etc.

Who Can This Benefit?

Surprisingly, most individuals on a higher income obtain home improvements loans. However, we accept any applicant despite earnings, savings, employment, or credit rating. The most prominent age band who take such loans are between 25 and 44 years old. Perhaps due to the fact they are more than likely to be first-time home buyers.

Personal Home Improvement Loans

If you are interested in a home improvement loan, you can choose to take our unsecured loans. This is a personal loan granting you to borrow a favoured amount over a set amount of time at a fixed interest rate. The set amount of time chosen as the term to repay the money will be pre-agreed by you.

Home Improvement Loans Secured Against Assets

Opting for a secured or guarantor loan grants you to acquire a more substantial amount of money. Honestly, because repayments are pledged to the lender. A guarantor is a secondary individual who signs on behalf of your commitment to the financial agreement. Lenders tend to approve more secured loan applications as they are viewed as less of a risk.

Advantages of Home Improvement Loans

  • Premiums are fixed; meaning it is easier for you to budget
  • You choose the term; finance repayments based on your circumstance
  • Add value to your property while bettering surroundings
  • Flexibility of payment holidays
  • Loan allows you to purchase new home or remodel current home
  • More enjoyable living space

If you or your partner have not had the chance to save for a home improvement project, but are eager to kick-off, then a personal home improvement loan a valuable option.

Seeking a Home Improvement Loan?

Our free, online application takes 2-minutes to complete and does not influence your credit rating score. The details you provide will assist in calculating the optimal lender for you as an individual. All information completed in the online form will be secure and confidential as we are part of the FCA-regulated list and work with protected servers.

We are happy to accept applicants from an array of backgrounds. Whether you have a lack of employment records, are currently unemployed, have had prior debt, or have a poor credit rating, we are happy to help.

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