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So you’re in need of a loan, and need it quick! But can you tell what loan product is right for you? Now, let’s explore and try to assist you in knowing which loan option is best suited for you. Direct lenders, as well as lead providers, use different names to describe a short-term loan or a payday loan from a direct lender.

Responsible Direct Lenders

This option is known as an affordable loan obtained from a direct and FCA-authorised lender. There is a lot of pale imitations in the UK loan marketplace with many institutes and companies claiming to have the clients best interest at heart, but this is just not true. A lot of lenders end up leading clients in a worse financial state. There are some simple steps you can efficiently take to make sure that you’re working with a legitimate lender.

Loans From A Direct Lender

The first, and most critical, step for you to take is to check the companies are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Companies with an interim FCA-license are trusted and must abide by strict guidelines (this should be stated clearly on their site). An FCA-license allows BadCreditSite™ consumer credit under their rules and regulations.

Clear Information

Make sure you read and analyse the lender’s site. Ensure that the website states if they are a direct lender. If you get this information in the small print, then stay away from such loan providers. Also, check if you can obtain the firm’s policies on the site, such as a responsible lending policy, fair advertisement policy, complaint procedure or adequate examples. The best lender’s do not hide this information and are upfront with their facts. Ensure that you understand the complete cost of borrowing and capture company contact details so you can get in touch with a representative at any time.


The third step is trusting your instincts. Check the lender’s site looks professional, organised and concise. Remember, the facts should be bold, simple and stated. An important factor to remember is that receiving a loan is not the result. Paying the full loan plus interest back in time is what’s critical. There may be some unvirtuous reasons why a lender hides information or even distract your focus. Do not be deceived by flashy sites or lucrative offers and take the time to read the small print. If you suspect an illegal lender, report the information to the UK Government website.

Obtaining Safe Loans Direct

When considering a direct loan, be aware that there are two products; payday loans and short-term loans. Majority of lenders offer these two products, and the funds are paid directly to you.

If you find any terms confusing, we will be glad to explain and assist you on your journey towards getting the proper loan for you. We can accept an application from any backgrounded no matter your employment or credit-rating position. We take the details you provide and calculate a matched lender down to every specification.


If you need a payday loan, it usually means you are in urgent need of funds, and efficiency is key. There is no added expense to yourself as you can apply online from the comfort of your home. When applying for a loan online, be sure that your instant payday loan decision is a reliable lender. Obtain concise information, that the site looks professional, and check the lender’s records to avoid any scams. If you would like to apply to us today, please feel free to fill out our application today.

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