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When applying for a payday loan, it is as much important to borrow from the right kind of lender as it is to borrow with the right kind of rates. Having the right lender when taking out a payday loan in the UK can make all the difference between getting a loan to get you out of debt, and getting an albatross hung around your neck. At we have created the perfect payday loan option that is guaranteed to provide our clients with the very best short term loans we have to offer.

Getting a Swift Sterling payday loan is not a difficult task, and the requirements are pretty basic. Outlined below are some of the reasons why you should take out a swift sterling loan with us today:

Everything is above board

When you take out a Swift Sterling payday loan, you can be assured there will be no hidden costs. Every single fee you are meant to pay is listed out on the website for your scrutiny and also within the contract or loan agreement. This way all of our clients are completely knowledgeable of all that is required of them. It is no surprise therefore that we are known as a responsible lender.

No penalties for early repayment

If you take out a short term loan with this establishment, you can pay whenever you like, in so far as it falls within the loan stipulated time. There are absolutely no penalties for repaying early with the Swift Sterling payday loans, and so if you invest the money from the loan and come into a windfall, you can always repay quickly and we would be glad to assist you anyway we can.

You can apply and get processed online

There is absolutely no need to leave the comfort of your home, make a train ride down to one of our branches and get on a queue simply because you want to get a loan with our Swift Sterling partner. You can simply log on to our website at and by filling out the forms you can apply and have your application approved shortly, no matter the time of day or night. Our website is 100% secure and safe and our response time to your application is unparalleled.


Swift Sterling loans have a representative APR of 1304%.

Late repayments

Most people who have bad credit scores got them as a result of late repayments they made during previous borrowings. Repeating this same actions when repaying a bad credit loan such as we offer at with our Swift Sterling partner, is frowned upon by us and will only attract penalties.

A payday loan is always an excellent option during an emergency or financial crisis. If you have a good lender and you borrow an amount which you can afford to repay without undue stress, this type of loan can really make all the difference you need. So what are you waiting for, apply now!

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